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Buy Mushrooms Online From Baby Shrooms!

Getting regular or the highest quality products of magic mushrooms is pretty easy nowadays.

The internet practically drops whichever magic mushroom species you want on your lap.

Whichever psychedelic mushrooms you’re into is only just a click away.

It eliminates the hassle of a face-to-face transaction. kind of like your very own magic mushroom dealer minus the possible attitude and you’ll never have to meet.

Shopping for psilocybin mushrooms online, puts every variety of shrooms within reach, regardless of how exotic your taste might be.

You should know that shopping for shrooms online in Canada is just about the same as ordering any other product.

You can simply go online and browse from a wide selection of mushroom products from any online mushroom dispensary of your choice, right from the comfort of your home.

Mushroom Types



It has become increasingly popular lately to take small doses of hallucinogens, such as psilocybin, which occurs naturally in magic mushrooms. Tech startups and creatives in Silicon Valley are particularly enthusiastic about microdosing, going so far as to identify it as a trend. The reason it is popular among Silicon Valley employees is because Microdosing allows them to experience the positive effects that hallucinogens have on interpersonal awareness resulting in empathy. Microdosing provides all these qualities without the hallucinations that might hinder work productivity. From Babyshrooms, you can purchase the best psilocybin mushrooms online from all over Canada.

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Dried Shrooms

In Canada, dried mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular and used widely, largely because of the growing awareness of their therapeutic properties. If users are aware of the many medicinal uses of psilocybin mushrooms, they can benefit from treating headaches, anxiety, stress, cancer-related psychological conditions, addiction disorders, and depression with them. A person’s tolerance level may also vary depending on how much at once they consume. Still, effects may vary between the various strains, and from batch to batch. Some are much stronger than others. If you are looking for the best and most thoroughly researched shrooms in Canada, choose Babyshrooms.

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The magic mushroom edible is a great way to accurately dose and have a tasty experience. Zoomies’ online dispensary in Canada offers a delicious assortment of edibles like ice teas, gummies, chocolate mints, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with orange, dark chocolate, hot chocolate mix, jellies, and bunnies. With our online store, you get the best deals on mushroom products. We make buying magic mushrooms even easier. Zoomies edibles are the right choice for both experienced users and beginners. Our edibles are available online and can be delivered right to your door. Whether you are looking to trip to Wonderland with a megadose, or looking to rest your ego with a microdose, Babyshrooms have you covered.

Marijuana Strain Types


The Indica strain is characterized by its short and stubby leaves. It features a short flowering time and prefers colder climates. 

Indica’s are well known for their relaxing properties. Users often prefer Indica cannabis products for nighttime use, easing muscle tension, relieving stress, depression and chronic pain and insomnia.


Hybrid strains are designed with balance in mind. They feature the best aspects of Sativa’s and Indica’s. 

Hybrids are high-quality cannabis strains with a wide range of effects and benefits. By selectively interbreeding strains, patients are able to purchase strains tailored to their specific needs.


The Sativa strain is taller than it’s Indica counterpart and boasts thinner leaves. Sativa’s grow tall and thrive in warm climates.

Sativa’s are mentally stimulating. Marijuana products containing Sativa produce a cerebral high that alleviates depression, anxiety, mood disorders, fatigue as well as elevating moods.

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